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*)But Sho confessed that dating him probably would be tiresome because he's very methodical. Nino started talking about an episode where he went have dinner in Aiba's home and they were having hotpot. and us Sho'll say sweets dreams jajjaja I laughed a lot when he said it oh sip good night!! =/I think the first Arashi drama I really watched was Maou (around that time Ohno was already my ichiban). He lifts it off curiously and finds there is a worn tag attached to it. He recognizes them from his neighborhood, but becomes alarmed when he sees they are staring curiously at his open doorway."A gift for you.” He reads out loud and then frowns deeper. Probably because he is crouched, and probably not very visible from the street.

sip I know There's a fansub who is doing It's great ne : D and wow sugoi You learnt Japanese It's great I'd like to learn it too... ♥I'm a Jun-bait, but after some time following the group soon I've become an Ohmiya fan! *And among the other possible pairings I think Sakuraiba make a cute couple! =)sip It's great, ne :)I think learning Japanese is a little hard. I was stuck without internet connection for two days! XD; in my country we celebrate both; I hope you'd a special day!!

Not to mention it would be hard to contact Ohno in the middle of the ocean, leaving Sakurai worried and lonely. ' I feel bad that he chose me but...' (Ohno: I'll definitely say that I love you! Among us (the members) he's the more mysterious. I'm the same as you sometimes when I listen to a song I don't like it at first, but after some time I start thinking 'Wow! But until now I did not watch all episodes of Hana Yori Dango!

Since he likes fishing probably he would choose to go to fishing trips instead of being with him. hahahaha I wonder what kind of place Aiba would take Matsujun for a date... At first I was attracted to Matsujun because of his looks after watching an Arashi interview ^_^ .

He holds the panda up in front of him at eye-level, staring hopefully into her masked face. No need to add to his electricity bill when he’s not even using it. She’s a rambunctious handful, and he’s glad Arashi is taking a break for a few weeks. He often thinks he could ask the other members for help, but he doesn’t trust them to do anything but lecture him. He’s innocent enough to believe magic tricks are hocus pocus, real and honest and innocent, just like in fantasy and fairy tales.

He knows he probably shouldn’t be keeping the Panda, just as he knows to keep it secret that he’s keeping her anyway. She showed up on his doorstep after all, like fate brought them together. Nino knows magic tricks are as they say in their name, tricks.