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The Hague is of course the place where global government officials reside (and 'prosecute' their puppet "war-criminals"), it is safe to assume she was moved there as part of her government controlled 'Monarch' programming (I use that as a loose term for organized trauma-based mind control; not necessarily under the specific umbrella of the CIA Project Monarch) to be used as a child sex-slave for "elite" and government pedophiles ["" (link to source below)] who live and work in The Hague.Her father 'Ben' was a civil servant/tax-inspector, so worked for the government suggesting her abuse/MK programming was establishment organized; further evidenced by her dissociated memories (dissociated to other parts/fragments of her fractured/fragmented/shattered mind) of her father hypnotizing and raping/traumatizing her at age 2, the rape/hypnosis/programming continuing long after childhood by countless establishment individuals who use these 'models' regularly, many of which are simply high-class sex-slaves (see info further down) additional info on why Monarch victims often remember their initial abuse at the hands of their fathers before others.Take piece infection or getting stuck in long conversations with someone who you hope will hilary duff dating list turn into beautiful.

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In her recent interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine confirmed that the pair were still together as she stated: ‘It’s so special to me that it never feels good to talk about, so I just continually don’t talk about it.''There’s probably some rebelliousness that comes out in me after all these stories and people texting you for weeks about something that, for the most part, is not true.

How long it lasted: The two started dating in 2012, and are currently engaged. Whom she dated: Lewis Hamilton Age difference: Six years — he was 23, she was 29. Whom she dated: David Arquette Age difference: Seven years — he was 28, she was 35. Whom she dated: Mark Antonio Rota Age difference: Ten years, give or take — he was in his early fifties, she was 63. Whom she dated: Jonathan Bricklin Age difference: Thirty-one years — he was 33, she was 64.

How long it lasted: They were married for 11 years before they separated in 2013. Whom she dated: Aaron Johnson Age difference: Twenty-three years — he was 18 and she was 41 when they started dating six years ago. How long it lasted: They're still dating and going on year four.

Cougar Scale: 7 — She previously dated Tim Robbins, who was twelve years younger.

Whom she dated: Gabriel Aubry Age difference: Nine years — he was 30, she was 39. Cougar Scale: 3 — She's currently the same exact age as current husband Olivier Martinez.