Cheryl burke dating september 2016

Ryan’s relationship with Kayla has been widely reported for weeks, but it wasn’t until Sept.14 that he actually confirmed she’s his “girlfriend.” Unfortunately, even though they’re now official publicly, Kayla’s still a bit worried he’ll cheat on her — with his “Kayla wants to be loving and supportive, but she also has trust issues with Ryan so she likes to keep an eye on her man.

and his participation is sure to generate a lot of buzz. They have been together for quite a while and she has stuck by him through all of his latest ups and downs.Now she is by his side again during another wild time in his life.Trust is definitely needed for a relationship to succeed, so we hope Kayla can find a way to have some faith in her man.Hollywood Lifers, do you think Kayla Rae Reid should worry about Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke hooking up behind her back?