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There are links below the post to the other two parts.] Female game consists of three parts or stages: While these general stages apply to all women, a woman's age, experience and eligibility should factor heavily into her approach to dating if she wants to eventually find a man to settle down with.

Therefore, various aspects of these three stages - or the components of each one - are more or less important at different times in a woman's life.

They should also be smarter than me () I would also like my person to at least on some level, get what I do for a living. There have also been some guys that are really cool with it and ask a lot of questions, which is refreshing. SIX // It’s really hard to find someone where there is chemistry on both a physical emotional level. If you find both, you more or less have yourself a unicorn, so try to keep that person around. how are you supposed to have a conversation if you do that? if that’s the case, no one is going to talk for a solid eight hours. I’m still figuring this out but I think the key is to put yourself first. EIGHT // It takes a really long time to get to truly know someone. It’s hard to let someone in, but it might actually be harder to really truly get to know someone.

I decided to write the ending to a chapter of my life, the beginning of the end, as it were. That being said, be ready to see them; stay open and choose your concessions carefully.

I've dated countless women and it has always amazed me how little they know about men.

Having spent a good year getting reacquainted with myself and my charming set of idiosyncrasies, I recognized the occasion calling for me to stop avoiding male attention and to start practicing the art of social bullshitting again. If it comes let it come, if it stays let it stay, if it goes, well, let it go. If he responds intermittently to you, then yeah, you’re not the only girl in his contact list. Taken from the mouths of our wise elders, “Don’t make someone a priority who treats you like an option.” Seriously.

‘So they want women in their late 20s or early 30s.

Why would they like someone who, if she can still have children, would need to have them straight away?

I mean, I’ll tell you what I’m doing but not talk about who it’s with, if that makes any sense?

Balance the line between keeping things real and oversharing.