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The best solution so far: 1) Right click on the photo, 2) Click Get Info, 3) Leave the Get Info window up while organizing.This process allows me to click on any image and the Get Into window updates the info instantly.

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However, if you search for EXIF on the App Store, there are a few (some free) apps that will happily do that in the device itself.

You must note that, due to the way i Tunes work, pictures coming from i Tunes will not have their metadata associated. i Photo for i Phone will also show you this along with many other details about the photo (ISO, shutter speed, etc) if you prefer to stick with Apple written applications.

Sometimes I took a photo using my i Phone, and then later on, I wonder how long I have been there at that location, I thought of checking when the last photo was taken, and can tell the time when I arrived, but I found it wasn't easily possible to see what time the photo was taken.

Is there really a way to see the time that photo was taken, be it 1 hour and 20 minutes ago, without using any third party app and without importing the photo to a computer?