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This parameter also determines the default values of the parameters NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE and NLS_SORT.The following table shows options for the format_mask parameter.

' UNITED KINGDOM' or ' GERMANY' - in these cases Monday is 1.CREATE TABLE t ( datecol1 DATE, datecol2 DATE, datecol3 DATE) PCTFREE 0; INSERT INTO t VALUES (SYSDATE 23, SYSDATE-10, SYSDATE-24); INSERT INTO t VALUES (SYSDATE-15, SYSDATE, SYSDATE 15); INSERT INTO t VALUES (SYSDATE-7, SYSDATE-18, SYSDATE-9); COMMIT; SELECT * FROM t; SELECT string1 is the string that will be converted to a date. It is the format that will be used to convert string1 to a date. The nls_language parameter sets the default language of the database.This language is used for messages, day and month names, symbols for AD, BC, a.m., and p.m., and the default sorting mechanism.Our many features include Date in Asia chat capabilities, live video, IM and mail with unlimited communication. In addition, we include advanced foreign men and Asian Singles search functions as well as valuable relationship advice on our Philippines Dating blog!Filipino4is a leading Asian Dating site where foreign men can Meet Filipina Singles.