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Download our free apps to stay in touch Members already registered: The secret why many men prefer blonde dating is finally revealed.Blonde single women are viewed as the example of perfect beauty. I work with a great bunch of people and have a good laugh most days. I live on the edge of a village which is lovely in the summer but ... Brilliant place to be for access to the M4 - I can go east, west and north but going south from here tends to be wet. Blonde My name is Michael I am 22 years old I am average build with blond hair and blue eyes. I have just retired and think it's about time I had a little male ... You can see lots of celebrities who are blonde-haired and blue-eyed.There are lots of blonde singles in such countries like Sweden, Estonia and Russia. Most blonde singles, both men and women, have some magnetism that attracts. Blonde singles are often thought to be more active and fun. If you feel like dating someone with a fair hair, enjoy meeting amazing blonde single men and women online with Cupid.

Naturally, some singles are more attracted to particular type of beauty.We took it one step further and looked at the breakdown state by state. We’re guessing that single men beat the Arizona heat by shaving their hair, which is why bald reigns supreme in that state (although we can’t entirely explain Vermont).Even though some hair colors were less popular on a national level, there were local communities that showed them a little extra love (We’re looking at you, Missouri). And who would have thought there were any blonde-haired men in Alaska?The age-old adage that blondes have more fun may or may not be true but one thing is for sure — they get more love when it comes to online dating, according to new data.We analyzed over three million online interactions between our members over a two week period to determine which hair colors men and women prefer in the United States. Blonde babes and silver foxes topped the list and were almost 30% more likely to create a match compared to the average user.