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Some of these new restaurants are second or third efforts from a popular chef looking for the fiscal stability that comes with multiple outlets.

Some are the hard-won realizations of young chefs’ dreams.

Her bio says she's Jay-Z and Beyoncé's personal chef. He updates his Facebook page every few months, but it does not reveal his current employment. Back in 2011, it sure looked like he was going to open a restaurant called Pizza Vinoteca, but it never happened.

Chasing the next happening place is a favorite indoor sport in any big city with a burgeoning food scene, and New York has the dubious distinction of having the oldest franchise.

The latest food stampede here started in 2004, before the advent of competition food shows, websites and apps — and in their wake, things got even busier.

The flood of chefs that followed made New York City a very crowded place to do business.

I wanted to take the time to respond to some of your questions and commentaries, especially some of the more negative ones.