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Jared Drake Bell, known simply as Drake Bell, is an American actor, singer-songwriter, voice actor and instrumentalist known best for his culmination of acting as well as singing credits.His best acting appearance has to be on Home Improvement and on Splash.His career began as an actor, early in the 1990’s whereby he appeared in Home Improvement.He then started appearing in several commercials before landing the role of Drake Parker on the series Drake and Josh. He has also starred on the Nickelodeon trilogy The Failry Odd Parents movies.He was born on 27th June, 1986 to Robin Dodson and Joe Bell in Newport Beach, California.Bell grew up with brothers Joey, Robert, Travis and with sister Kelie in Newport Beach, California.Jared Drake Bell is now professionally known as Drake Bell was born in California. Afterwards, he is seen in many illustrious drama series.

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