Ebay tracking not updating

Your package arrived when it arrived and there wasn't any recourse for lost packages.

Today the system is much more evolved, efficient, and tracking is accessible through the buyer's e Bay account.

With Pay Pal SP, it doesn't matter at all; the only thing that matters is the Delivered scan.

Therefore, I don't worry about anything other than whether or not it's scanned as Delivered.

ebay tracking not updating-42

Please tracking number is correct, then try again" It's been almost a week and I asked the seller what postal service they shipped with and I haven't gotten a reply.(I assume there's no reply because a few days back when I asked about the item the Seller apologized for the late response and that their computer was being fixed so I think their computer may be broken again but I really don't know!!

But instead of getting upset with each other or distrusting here is the simple solution for it- Call 1800-ASK-USPS.

On hearing the options ask for customer service (possibly you would have to say so couple of times).

The ones that do offer this service are often not as detailed and your parcel can have the same status for days in a row, leaving you to worry about where it is and whether it has been lost.

You can track delivery on all of our courier services, including TNT, Yodel, DPD, Hermes and Parcelforce, to name only a few. You can watch as your parcel transitions from courier van to aircraft to customs, allowing you to keep up-to-date on these more complex, multi-stage deliveries with comprehensive global tracking.