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Downey, meanwhile, wed second wife Susan Downey in 2005 and shares two kids, son Exton and daughter Avri, with the producer.Emma Watson is fast becoming the Belle of Hollywood’s ball. The ceremony will be broadcast on BBC America on Nov. The prizes, which are officially called the BAFTA Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia Awards, are presented by BBC America and United Airlines.

And maybe it taught me a little bit about being a parent, too, because the things that I ended up caring about and the way I cared for Downey, were things that might be more suitable for a parent.”“In a way,” she continued, “I’m asking myself those same questions now—I have an almost 14-year-old—so what I should and shouldn’t do for James Wilkie. When do I say, How are you going to develop your coping mechanisms if I’m fixing and when as a parent do I let go? You’re just in the day-to-day, caring about someone and loving them, and hopefully keeping them safe.”Unfortunately, there’s still no hard-and-fast manual for raising children and dating Robert Downey Jr.

He co-founded the non-profit, which is dedicated to using technology and public engagement to keep waterways and drinking water sources free from contamination and industrial degradation.

Watson will be given the Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year.

that she was happy to reconnect with the 51-year-old actor in 2015. "I went over to her place and then we went down the street ...

"It was really nice," Parker told host Howard Stern. to some tapas place." "Seeing her, I was like, 'She's so great and so cool and so funny and so in command.' I got to meet her kids and I saw the way she and Matthew [Broderick] lived, and I respect both of them so much," he added.