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The Puget Sound Regional Council has once again honored Kirkland for its efforts in accommodating the region’s growth.“The Cross Kirkland Corridor is a wonderful example of reuse of the BNSF corridor,” PSRC Executive Director Josh Brown said before presenting a Vision 2040 Award at the Nov. The city, in conjunction with the Lake Washington School District, Google and SRM Development, received the award for the work done on the Feriton Spur by the Google campus on the CKC and the updated field at nearby Lakeview Elementary School.Notes: 1) Initially the tab row design, leaves space for that extra tab that could get selected.2) So, if user selects a tab from the ones hidden in the drop-down, that tab shows up in the space. EDIT: To provide more context, there is certain limitation wrt release time/dev support - which called for maintaining the current tab structure.

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“This newly enhanced section of the Cross Kirkland Corridor provides neighbors, businesses and schools with new recreation areas that give the public opportunities for community gathering and exercise, including a sand volleyball court, children’s play structure, basketball court, Crossfit/TRX fitness section and zip line.” “Google’s been an outstanding partner with the city,” Kirkland Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator Kari Page, who also is the city’s CKC coordinator, said.

“They have worked with the community a lot.” Kirkland Mayor Amy Walen remarked that the project was a great example of what can be done with a public-private partnership, something SRM Development Manager Dave Tomson echoed in his comments to the .