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) I said if that bitch keep fuckin up (beotch) then we'll fuck her friends I said I dip, dive, what can I say? J Some niggas bang Blood, some niggas bang Crip And bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks I had a dream of hoes, I had to screen my hoes I seen my hoes in all kinds of clothes Lil' Almond Joy, I truly enjoy If you blew my balls, right through my drawers Come back to the mansion, chill at the spot From the way she was blowin, I know she does it a lot I have a eight-and-a-half, nine-and-three-quarters The ho started callin when I started boss ballin Gimme some head, gimme some ass (uh-huh) Gimme some cash, pass it to Daz Pass it to Snoop, or pass it to Nate See hoes eat dick like eggs and steak It ain't shit new, I thought you knew (what?

[Hook: Kurupt] Now this, this is one of them occasions Where the homies not doin it right I mean he found him a ho that he like But you can't make a ho a housewife And when it all boils down you gonna find in the end A bitch is a bitch, but a Dogg is a man's best friend So what you found you a ho that you like But you can't make a ho a housewife (wife) [Verse 1: Dr.

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