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GAEL GARCÍA BERNAL: I want to talk about the relationship between our characters, orchestra maestro Rodrigo and Hailey. LOLA KIRKE: I think being in a truly romantic relationship would jeopardize what their partnership is actually about, and that’s creativity and friendship.

I don’t think either of them wants to sacrifice the artistic bond, and I’m happy I get to play that out onscreen. VIDEO: On Set With Lola Kirke GGB: Do you think it’s hard to create similarly meaningful male-female friendships in real life?

For the 37-year-old Mexican actor, the series has served as a crash course in classical music, a field of which he knew little prior to the first season.

However, we are rather hesitant to say more on the subject as neither of them have commented on their new relationship status. They met on the set of 2001 drama Vidas Privadas, but the two started dating only after a few years.

The pair shared a happy life with their two kids Lázaro and Libertad. It is an adaptation of the 1995 novel of the same name by Jose Saramago, winner of the Nobel Prize, about a society suffering an epidemic of blindness.

LK: Well, we’ve been friends for a long time now, and I think one of the reasons is that you make me feel incredibly safe as an actor.

Being surrounded by people who are as brave and thoughtful as they are talented makes what we do even more special.