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Meta Star validates managed care organization (MCO) and health maintenance organization (HMO) performance measures that have been reported by the MCOs/HMOs during the preceding 12 months.

Validating performance measures is a mandatory EQR activity used to assess the accuracy of performance measures reported by the MCO, and to determine the extent to which performance measures calculated by the MCO follow state specifications and reporting requirements.

The third-party performance measurement and verification procedure used by GLOBE Performance Solutions is summarized below.

Verification of a technology performance claim requires the proponent to provide reliable, high quality data on the technology.

Unfortunately, maximizing the efficiency of a functional unit (or silo) is often accomplished at the expense of the overall process.

Thus, manufacturing may find ways to reduce its costs, but at the expense of increased sales costs, or decreased customer satisfaction.

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The shift toward a process orientation usually results in the formation of a number of different process initiatives with a company, each with slightly different goals.Her most recent work is focused on the strategic alignment of learning, talent development, and performance improvement programs.She has held key leadership positions in prominent professional organizations in the field, including the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Board of Directors, Editor-In-Chief of its research journal, Performance Improvement Quarterly, Chair of the ISPI Research Committee, and various other key committees and task forces. Guerra-López was awarded the ISPI Distinguished Service Award, one of ISPI’s most significant honors. and Masters in Instructional and Performance Systems and her undergraduate in psychology with honors from the Florida State University.Before confidential information is provided to GLOBE Performance Solutions and its associated testing and verification organizations, potential conflicts of interest must be resolved and a confidentiality agreement must be signed.The testing and verification organizations may be selected from the list of GLOBE Performance Solutions Consortium members.