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These products have been developed based on a human-centered development philosophy grounded in research into human traits and sensations in order to ensure a pleasing driving feel.

I believe they put this in there because they're modifying system settings, and they don't want the unit rebooting in the middle of a hack being applied, which could cause problems.

Below is my successful experience in updating Mazda SD card. I use Mac and it sees the SD card with no issue by doing it my way. The software should automatically detects that it's a "Mazda Navigation System NB1" SD card. Download the latest update which is actually will be saved in your computer hard drive, not on the SD card yet. After finishing download, your Tom Tom HOME software will unknowingly disconnect your SD card.

You DO NOT need to format the card as to what the software asks you to do.

A More Premium Inside Game The 2017 Mazda 6 may not be changed at all on the outside, but the interior, which received a good deal of attention in the 6’s 2016 refresh, has been given a host of small updates.

The new steering wheel, shared with the 2016 CX-9, gains an available heating function; the monochromatic driver-information display in the gauge cluster has been replaced by a full-color TFT screen; and the pop-up head-up display offers greater adjustability and likewise drops its drab monochrome scheme for a full-color readout with a more upscale look.