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I have a free account temporarily so unfortunately I can't send messages through the site, but I will read any that are sent to me. I've always been a lesbian but just came out to my friends and some family. I love to make people laugh especially that special person.

I am single and actively looking for a serious relationship...

We understand how to build a strong defense for our clients in matters related to online solicitation of a minor offenses in Wisconsin.

We work with computer experts who can evaluate evidence presented by the prosecution.

Our firm will question how this evidence was collected, whether that evidence shows what is alleged by these criminal charges and whether they can prove the identification of the user in question.

Internet sex crimes, or cybersex crimes as they are sometimes called, involve a range of activities conducted using websites, email, chat rooms, bulletin boards or others which include some sort of illegal sexual act.

Examples include online solicitation for prostitution or internet solicitation of a minor (also known as unlawful contact with a minor), child pornography, child enticement, cyber stalking and others.