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In both letters it was stated that an offence had been committed and the respondent was required to compound the offence in terms of Section 219 of the said Act. KRA wrote two letters, the first letter on the day that the consignment was reported missing while the second letter corrected the tax demanded.

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The court therefore quashed the appellants' decision in effect holding that tax and penalties demanded of the respondent were not collectable.

Une seconde partie s’intéresse plus précisément à la spécificité de la situation nationale, au moyen d’une contextualisation géographique et historique. La dernière partie s’intéresse au dispositif narratif consistant à séparer pour mieux relier, dispositif sur lequel se fonde en grande partie la dimension éthique du roman, avant de conclure sur la notion d’Patrick Neate’s disrupted narrative brings the condition-of-England novel up to date by analysing the effects of the Digital revolution on the nation and on the invisible, inarticulate masses.

It is a satire as much as an elegy, and the two generic components merge to build up a contemporary state-of-the-nation narrative.

Findings in this study showed that secondary school students in Kenya were much more vulnerable to the adverse effects of social networks in a manner consistently and concurrently similar to that found elsewhere in the worldwide.

This included conversion of academic into recreational sessions and subsequent poor academic performances among the majority of the secondary school students in Kenya.