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He was able to broaden his social scene and meet new people saying “it was an eye opening experience.” Being a part of a social fraternity became too much and Oliver soon realized he needed to leave the school.

He came back to Los Angeles, and began studying for his real estate license which is when he had an epiphany.

Name: Oliver Thornton Year: Senior Major: Business Management From: Hollywood, CA Current tour guides on Cal Lutheran’s campus tell prospective students there are no fraternities on campus, however with the help of his fellow co-founders, Oliver Thor is changing the future of Cal Lu.

Previously a student at the University of Arizona, Oliver was a part of the social fraternity Delta Chi.

If you’re only going to be riding for an hour, though, you need to give it some.

And if you do that, and you top 51kph, and after all that you fall 500m short of a world record – well, you’re entitled to show it.

It was close to home, they had good academics, and his family and friends were locals.

'They were flapping about like nobody's business, and then I stepped outside and they blew the f**k off! Starring alongside former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton on the celebrity dating show, a source told The Sun that 'Ferne is a secret songstress'.'She has been in the recording studio recently and things are going really well,' they said.

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After escaping from the peloton with what ended up as a four-man group, he attacked again in the last 30km, but the bunch would not be shaken off, and caught him as the final kilometre approached.

He trailed in more than a minute back from winner Thor Hushovd.