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The play is written as representational—evocative of real happenings and the characters are created as sketches with their texture largely distorted.

This requires the audience to fill in the gaps and aid in the construction of the narrative.

The plot revolves around four characters—Dan, a writer; Larry, a dermatologist; Alice, a stripper; and Anna, a photographer.

The play is set in London and is an elaborate character study of these four unique individuals as they engage in an ultimate game of partner swapping.

BRENT RAY FRASER: ARTSEXUALCAUTION: NSFWOver the course of our two years in existence, we at Cine Dump have strived to bring you not just the latest in film reviews and entertainment news, but interviews with fascinating individuals who may not normally come across the average media junkie’s radar.

To that end we’ve spoken to body mod artists, identical twin horror filmmakers, purveyors of necrophiliac puppet docudramas and Pokémon hunting porn stars.

Today, we take a further step into the spiral for a look at a very unique artist—a man who defies not simply the conventions of his craft, but whose very lifestyle is so rarefied that an entirely new term has had to be coined in order to classify him.

Ladies and gentlemen of Cine Dump, meet Brent Ray Fraser: Artsexual.“It’s an artform-slash-movement. Because of the things I do with my art,” Fraser explains to me from his studio, an abandoned grain silo that he’s converted not just into a place to paint and sculpt but something of a social-science laboratory, a place where he conducts experiments in redefining the boundaries of art, sexuality, and, indeed, culture.

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