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25 September 1999A group of high school students in 1980 faces various social struggles. Her geeky freshman brother Sam and his two friends are targeted by a bully. Weir go out of town for the weekend, Lindsey hosts a keg party.Sam, Bill, and Neal, worried that the party-goers will get too rowdy, substitute a keg of non-alcoholic beer for the one the freaks have on ice.A resemblance can be a very fleeting thing, and many of the comparisons here span decades… His name's straight out of a Dickens novel, but Getty's DNA seems to be sleeping in Martin Sheen's guesthouse, even if those Dan Dare eyebrows and formidable chin have brought him slightly less personal-life turbulence than his face-sake.A gaunt aspect and certain 'Cruella De Ville' sharpness to the chin defines the similarity here.

He also becomes envious of the close relationship between his new girlfriend, Carly Spencer, and her boss Dylan Gould.

John is Bryce, one of Anthony Michael Hall's geeky friends.

Joan is the geeky girl seen on the bus, and having trouble sipping water from a drinking fountain.

In the tree scene, Dong is wearing his clothes and hair in traditional Japanese fashion while shouting "banzai" (a Japanese military expression).

Whether or not these goofs were meant by the producers to be an intentionally ambiguous stereotype of Asians is unknown.