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“You’ll notice that she’s often single and happy about it, though she’s occasionally on the prowl, and sometimes in a relationship.

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In fact, she said, when introverts see an opening to talk about their interests, shyness often peels away."Introverts can be real chatterboxes when talking about things they're passionate about," said Dembling.If you neglect investing as much time and effort into your lover as they do to you, you may find that a number of things happen with your lover.Firstly, they may become hurt, wondering why you’re not putting as much interest into them as they are to you constantly.If we agreed to go on a date with you, we like you. Some days we can talk for hours, but sometimes we’re not so good at replying and talking on the phone.Don’t take it personally - we screen our phone calls, even from our closest friends.