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And President Gerald Ford suffered a similar fate when he slipped and fell in the rain while walking down the steps from Air Force One.

No matter how much a president's handlers try to choreograph his actions, there's invariably some spontaneous encounter that shapes how the American public perceives a president.

He's not just the first black president; he's the first viral president. But as his presidency approaches its final 18 months, here are some of the viral moments that offer a peek into Obama's playfulness and racial pride -- as well as a mean streak that seems like a requisite for the Oval Office: Obama's bicultural language -- he could communicate with black and white audiences in different ways -- manifested itself in a video that went viral.

In it, Obama is seen shaking hands with a white staffer in the Team USA locker room before offering Kevin Durant a vastly more expressive greeting.

The chocolate tubes can be easily switched to create multicolor treats.

The chocolate kit, for kids ages 6 and older, includes the pen, different colored chocolate tubes, molds and more; .99, available in Fall 2015.———Play All Day Elmo Kids favorite pal, the Play All Day Elmo from Hasbro, features more than 150 responses and eight games and activities.

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