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With the success I've been having,recently really don't see myself going back to the previous PB. I ran the Pats' defensive playbook for the last two years and was only experimenting with this one for a while.I have degenerative discs in my back, so I usually have to sleep with a pillow between my legs to support my lower back.My first week taking yoga classes with Jason Anderson at Atlanta Hot Yoga, I forgot to sleep with a pillow. in a panic until I realized, “There’s no piercing pain in my back.I’ve always enjoyed the Xs and Os aspect of it."I certainly feel I can give a valid critique of what took place in a game, explain why and what the thinking was with players and coaches, or why that mistake occurred.

I tell them that you have to treat a hangnail the same way you treat a hamstring pull: Give it your full attention.

December must be the cruelest of months for Takeo Spikes.

All those years, playing all those meaningless games, while so many other players around the NFL are in the midst of exciting playoff races with must-win showdowns just ahead, and Super Bowl dreams still alive and well.

Spikes; and Brian Westbrook, the two-time Pro Bowl running back for the Eagles who has worked for a couple of different broadcast outlets.

All will be regulars on Pro Football Talk, the NBC Sports Network show hosted by Mike Gilbride was part of the NFL for 27 years and was the head coach of the Chargers in 1997 and '98.