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Leaked Source called the breach “by far the largest breach we have ever seen.” Analysts suggest that the breach was possible because users passwords were encrypted using the unsecure method of SHA1-hashing.

As it turns out, the most popular password was “123456.” It was used by almost a million visitors.

Adult Friend Finder presents itself as the world’s largest internet community for swinging and sex.

Its other sub-sites include Cams.com, Penthouse.com, Stripshow.com, i and others, with a total of 412 million accounts.

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Dear Betty, I am at the very beginning of a new relationship and need advice. We both have kids – I have a son in college and she has two teenage sons.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the following tips to help you make the best profile you possibly can. Instead of using the description box to talk about your long list of qualifications for a potential mate, make sure you talk about yourself. Most of the people you meet online don’t know you in real life, so you have to make your interests easily accessible to them. That way, you’ll attract someone you might actually connect with. The more people who look at your profile, the higher your chances of getting a date. Even if you want to post artsy photos of your face in profile, make sure at least one of your photos features a friendly smile. Instead of writing that you like hip-hop, say whether you prefer Drake or Meek Mill. "Brahmans are adapted to tropical climates and there have been more than 300,000 years of separation between Bos indicus cattle such as Brahman and the cattle breeds that are important to temperate production systems." Queensland is home to almost half of Australia's beef cattle -- with a mostly Brahman influence.But the Brahman genome has been found to contain around seven to 10 per cent genes in the Brahman genome might affect the animals performance," Professor Moore said.