Updating septic system

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If the drainfield is saturated because of flooding, however, wait to pump because emptying the tank may cause the tank to float, breaking the pipes. I just got out the Air Force and Sub Contracted my own home, I had to have a lift site for my septic tank, or put in the mound system, Well I couldn't see this hump of dirt in my yard so I chose the lift site which was a 1000ft away. The load lid,2 inch thick concrete, the new one is 3 inch.Public comments regarding the draft rules were accepted for 30 days (Nov. Ohio’s new sewage rules will NOT require everyone in the state to automatically replace their septic system.The new sewage rules are going into place for several reasons: If a system is “failing” it could indicate a number of problems, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to replace the entire system to meet the standards in the new rules or the existing state laws- it could just mean replacing missing or broken parts or adding treatment.