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But the app is not just for dating: Mr Mitchem told the website that it could be helpful for “that cancer patient who needs friends and support, the guy who lands in Denver and does not know where people to buy great products legally”.“Just the other day I connected with a dude and talked back and forth for a while about life, weed, and built a friendship,” he added.

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It's free to try, so give it a go and find your smoking There's no need to try and hide the fact that you smoke; no need for mints, chewing gum or body sprays to hide the smell of tobacco.

I just don't think you've found your circle yet Bliss. ) haha this cracked me up but the first bit is my missus has a good job good prospects and i sum how bagged her now she smokes all my shit but she is the one hu pays for most of the house i just have to keep us in smoke and electric so happy days lol LMFAO at this thread fuckin great,my missus doesn't smoke weed either and i wouldn't mind if she did.least we'd be on the same wavelength,it would be great to have my missus smoking my shit i wouldn't mind sharing but shes not bothered about it n doesn't mind me smoking it but i'd love to have a good old session on spliff/bong whatever..

You tend to find your circle of friends with the same things in common and smoking weed is no exception.

A Denver company has come up with a dating app that you need in your life. and designed like Tinder: users create profiles and swipe through the photos of potential dates, except this version is clearly aimed at fans of ganja."I hated dating on other sites and apps because as soon as the idea of my cannabis consumption came up—date over. These preferences will be taken into consideration to find an ideal fit. is only available in states that have fully legalized cannabis or have medicinal marijuana laws.

I actually walked out of a date (after paying of course) and said to myself, that's it," CEO Todd Mitchem told the The app takes the Tinder model one step further by actually optimizing possible matches according to consumption preferences.