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Though the former boy bander keeps fans on their toes by sharing a frequent amount of drool-worthy shirtless pics (see exhibits A, B and C), his latest snap has even the most jaded fan fanning herself off. Dressed in nothing but a strategically placed towel, Angel stares at himself in the mirror, flaunting his super defined-abs and eye candy bod.

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The 40-year-old is currently a professional wrestler.While the snap could’ve easily been a selfie (like a steamy, just-got-out-of-the-shower-mirror-selfie), there is someone out there in the world who actually took this picture. While we’re just gonna leave the above picture right there, we think our thoughts are perfectly summed up by this one fan’s response: Truer words (and a better O-Town reference) have never been spoken.Ladies, feast your eyes on nearly naked Ashley Parker Angel in the steamy photo above. In 2012, he checked himself into rehab for a prescription pill problem. Now that’s a ’ Heidi Montag is perhaps the person who tried the hardest to sustain her reality fame. Ashley Parker Angel was the spiky-haired heartthrob in O-Town, but when the boy band called it quits in 2003, he tried his hand at a solo career that was documented by another short-lived reality show – and signing endorsement deals for things like Devotion Vodka and a vitamin line for GNC.

Who is ashley parker angel dating now