Who is mike woods dating

This is not to say that Mike is not a talented guy, or that he did not earn his success. His video "Elephant Parts" was the first video to win a Grammy.He is also credited with being directly or indirectly responsible (depending on the source) for the development of MTV.(Liquid Paper is not the same as Wite-Out, which was developed later as an improvement of the correction fluid formula.) As the story goes, Mike's mom worked in a typing pool, but she wasn't a great typist. Nesmith put a bit of Mike's paint in an old nailpolish bottle because it had a built-in brush and took it to work with her.One day as little Mikey was painting using regular kids' tempera paint, she picked up a bottle and painted over an error she made, and -- voila! Her "invention" was an instant hit with the other secretaries in the pool.Mike joined WNYW in June 2001 as meteorologist for "Good Day New York" and "FOX5 Live".He will also work in the summer as a feature reporter and also do the weather.

I'm watching him give the forecast on Good Day NY in my doctor's office. but he's a famewhore, attentionwhore and loves himself a bit too much for my liking.

Eventually she ended up selling the formula to the Gillette Corporation for millions of dollars.

Mike is now a multi-millionaire, not as the result of his work with Monkees, but because he inherited his mother's stake in the product upon her death.

He has made no mention he's even in a relationship. He's just 1 of the celebs Mike takes a pic with as they stop by Fox 5 NYC.

Mike Woods is the weather man for FOX5's (WNYW) Good Day New York.