Who is valentino lanus dating

And the attractive pair were accompanied by Keith Richards (above)!The couple must be HUGE Rolling Stones fans, because their public debut happened at the recent LA concert!

"He had told me, 'I am not with my wife,' that is why we were going out, to see where it went," she said.

The men clean up after themselves but aren’t aware there is another girl living in the apartment—Mariana Aragón, who listens in silence from the shower as her friends are massacred.

His credits include (Telenovelas): Maria Isabel -Amor gitano (Patricio) -La casa en la playa (Miguel Angel) -Mi primer amor a mil por hora(Imanol) - Inseparable (in talks).

STORYLINEMariana Aragón witnesses the murder of two young journalists and becomes embroiled with a criminal organization that uses her as a scapegoat and turns her into an addict.

In a battle for her life, she finds herself forced to take on the powers that be.